December 15, 2015

Way Forward

  • We strive to achieve our Objectives through
  • Provide an increasingly dynamic training and playing environment for students through increased variety in training, increased opportunities for school cricket and through “touring experience” with regular cricket trips.
  • Continued integration of school level players with ECA
  • Provide opportunities for distinguished ECA old boys to give back to ECA in both a coaching and mentoring role
  • Adopt ECA cricketing philosophy “We respect the spirit of the game and play competitive and enjoyable cricket”.
  • Increase player analysis through increased documentation of strengths and weakness and areas for improvement in training.
  • Increased focus through age group coordinator whose focus other than liaising closely with coaching staff is directed specifically on skill development and instruction.
  • Provide opportunities for increased player feedback (both delayed and immediate) through the development of player assessment protocols.
  • Provide opportunities for developing players to train and play with advanced players, across all age groups creating a “zone of proximal development”.
  • Have a specific focus on all key competencies including Batting, Bowling and Fielding.
  • Development of the ECA/Training Squad. Designed for committed students who love the game and are keen on improving their cricket. Not necessarily designed for advanced cricketers, but crickets who show continued commitment to ECA and have been earmarked as possible future first XI players.
  • Skill based training programs.
  • Restricting “humdrum” net practices.
  • Development of a ECA cricket curriculum.