December 21, 2015


ECA cricket program aims to provide players with an opportunity to grow and develop as a cricketer on and off the field. This mission is fostered by the creation of an environment that is conducive to cricket, which is played in an attacking fashion and always upholding the traditions and spirit of cricket. The following expectations and responsibilities for all stakeholders in ECA are put in place to uphold our cricket philosophy.

Player Expectations

  • Play within rules of cricket.
  • Play hard, but fair.
  • No sledging or retaliation from opponent’ comments.
  • Always respect the umpires’ decision
  • Respect the opposition
  • Turn up to training with focus and commitment.
  • Dress appropriately on the field at training.
  • Respect the equipment provided for training and games.
  • Always think beyond yourself and focus on team objective.
  • Have fun, play hard and enjoy your cricket experience at ECA.