December 21, 2015

Guidlines For Coaches

  • ECA would provide the technically necessary facilities for smooth operation of the academy and the ones that aid coaching, however the maintenance, upkeep and safety would remain the responsibility of the coaches and trainees.
  • It is one of the responsibilities of the coach to ensure that all equipment so provided is used properly to enhance the game of the trainee.
  • All the equipment must be stored back properly after use.
  • ECA management holds the right of refusal to replace equipment damaged due to negligence.
  • All equipment should be checked periodically to understand the need for repair in case of wear and tear. The report findings to be discussed with ECA management.
  • It remains the responsibility of the coaches and ground staff to ensure that all equipment provided are in top working condition and are completely safe to use. This includes but is not limited to proper upkeep, storage and periodic maintenance. Any deterioration caused by wear and tear or otherwise should be brought to the notice of ECA management committee.