December 21, 2015

Coaching Styles

Great coaches are able to create authentic coaching environments, which reflect the intensity and skill set required in competition. Creating such an environment also requires an acute awareness of individual players and a coaching style, which is developed in a way, which is individualized and targeted at a specific team or group.

The G.A.M.E Method – Ideal for junior teams
Game: Demonstrate the activity/game to participants to give a clear visual picture of what is expected and start the activity as quickly as possible.

Assess: Skill performance – observe how effectively each participant is managing the performance of the activity including decision making e.g. are they coming up with ways to score?

Modify: Assist players with skill performance and when necessary take a player aside for individual coaching. Ensure that the game is conducted in such a way that a key skill is focused upon.

Encourage: Self-Explanatory

The Game Method, should be used in conjunction with The S.P.I.R Method.

Show (Demonstrate): Name the skill, show the skill, and demonstrate the skill again using key coaching points.
Practice: Practice the skill – Whole skill first, individual parts second if any issues with whole skill.
Instruct (error correction)- Focus on coaching points/ analogies.

Reward…but not too much!

Centre wicket practices are ideal for creating such a learning environment and specific skills could include

  • Bowling at the death.
  • Bowling to one side of the wicket, by placing all fielders.
  • Working singles into gaps.
  • Running between the wickets .
  • Game based scenarios – 20runs from the last two overs.